Aussie SpellForce Network Ed

Aussie SpellForce Network Ed 2.1

Boost your spelling power with Aussie SpellForce, featuring over 9,000 words
2.1 (See all)
Pathold No. 167

The Complete Spelling Tutor
Boost your spelling power with Aussie SpellForce, featuring over 9,000 words. Each word has an example sentence, common misspellings to watch out for and a clear Australian voice recording PLUS four spelling games, printable worksheets, Look! Cover! Write! Check! and more! This is extreme spelling action! Motivates and challenges spellers of all ages and abilities!

Spell your way out of a nuclear disaster playing awesome spelling games with your chosen word list: save the ship’s gravity pods, launch an escape rocket, and salvage damaged space probes; have fun and boost your spelling power at the same time!

Main Features:

- Australian Speech
- Progress beginning, emerging, struggling and power spellers by selecting spelling content appropriate to their age and stage
- Target individual needs and design extension and revision programmes using the smart record keeping and progress-monitoring
- Assist struggling spellers by giving them words appropriate to their level
- Create custom word lists including weekly school spelling lists. Users can keep multiple lists in their name for access at a later date
- Generate a ‘words for practice’ list for each user according to progress
- Teach spelling using the Look! Cover! Write! Check! method
- Print spelling lists or copy them to your word processor from your own or the in-built spelling lists
- Create up to seven different types of printable worksheets from your spelling lists including:
- Close 1 – Omit Vowels
- Close 2 – Omit Consonants
- Close 3 – Omit first and last letters
- Close 4 – Omit odd numbered letters
- Close 5 – Omit even numbered letters
- Jumbled letters
- Match word with sentence

- Monitor each student’s progress using smart record-keeping to allow targeting of individual needs for extension and revision
- Backward compatible and future proof

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